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Trade In Laptop Computer


Trade In Laptop Computer or IT equipment

Planned to sell my computer but cannot get serious buyer? Have old laptop or computer, monitors lying around? No worries you can trade in your computer for cash at TYFON TECH. We have buy back working computer in good condition and it is functional so you can get rid of unwanted laptop and therefore exchange into money. IT equipment accepted for buy back are laptop, desktop, monitor, HDD, SSD, RAM, graphic card, processor & etc.


Email your trade in equipment list to

Whatsapp details to 016-2003049


Steps to trade in your Laptop Computer:

  1. Backup laptop data and contact our customer service officer
  2. Purchaser will perform quick verification & value quote before accepting trade in
  3. Exchange your computer to cash (bank in direct to your account within 2 working days)
  4. Device must be able to power on and no BIOS lock
  5. No physical damage on outlook or crack casing
  6. Preferable with original box & receipt

 Customers are adviced to bring their box & receipt, original set charger to get better offer price.


Selling used computer to dealer make you not to worry about after sales services & warranty issues. Processes are more less time consuming than finding buyer to meet up one by one. To avoid disappointment, please make sure your laptops are in working condition. All seller must provide their IC/passport information, phone number and bank account for payment process.


All data inside computer will be wiped up & destroyed upon found in trade in device.


 TYFON TECH reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. For more information, kindly seek the help from our customer services officer.

For customers that are not free to come to our shop, you may get quoting from phone by sending the details below to 016-2003049. Actual offer would be different if description are not the same as described


Computer Brand & Model :

Computer Processor :

Computer RAM :

Computer HDD/SSD size :

Condition : New / Normal / Scratched / Broken

With Box? :

With Receipt? :

Battery & Adapter ok? :

Any Issue/Problem? :


Contact No:




**Send together with computer current photo